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Tazzernator 1 year 7 months ago

We're welcoming the new year of 2015 with JANLAN!

Great People, Fun Competitions, Awesome Fun.

Pricing is $20 Online or at the Door.

Proceeds from the day will go towards future FpsCorner events & community based server rental.

See timeline for games we will be playing on the day.
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Tazzernator 1 year 9 months ago

Thankyou to all who attended FREELAN!

The event was free thanks to the continued support and attendance of you guys. So thanks!

Special thanks to Select Start Media for the prizes for the day. Their kind donation made the competitions that little bit more awesome!

When you host an event pushing this size, it really highlights where we could improve in our management of the event, and certain aspects of the network that could be improved.

We've walked away from this event with more knowledge than ever before and we're certain that the next event is going to be our most polished yet.
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