History of FpsCorner
From start to finish.


Early Days

FpsCorner was originally registered as 'fpscorner.com' on Christmas Eve 2009, by Tazzernator.

At this time, it was only a very small amount of personal friends and really just an idea.

The first version of the website was released in September 2010.

Battlefield 3

The lead up

With Battlefield 3 soon to be released, we wanted to have our own server. Together Tazzernator, LBJ, Cybargs, Adams_BJ, DeepX, AussieReaper, Tuska122, and Morgo_mpx put some money together for our very first Battlefield 3 64 player Conquest server.

The server was extremely popular, with a total of 18,970 players connecting.

Around this time, the management team was adjusted, with FIX, Promythyus, Booth and LBJ joining the ranks.

Alienware 8v8

With new faces, our member base continued to increase, allowing us to to put together our first team.

We played in the Alienware Battlefield 3 8v8 ladder, playing a total of 9 games, of which we won 5.

Click here to see a full breakdown.

Web Development

As the requirements of the clan continued to become more complex, so did the website.

Tazzernator continued to work on and develop the website.

The website was used as a central point and a 'Clan Portal' was developed to allow members to easily see which scrims and practice events were upcoming.

GameArena 16v16

LBJ rounded up the troops, and put together a 16v16 team. He spent an incredible amount of time putting squads and strategies together, down to the individual spawn order of each player.

The team went on to participate in 7 scrims, winning 4.

Click here to see a full breakdown.

Cybergamer 4v4

In mid 2012, Tazzernator, LBJ, Sproosemoose, and Lockieyo formed together to create a 4v4 team.

While many teams consisted of sometimes up to twenty people, our team consisted of only the core four.

This meant that we were able to learn how each other play, and work around each other seamlessly. It was truly enjoyable to know how your teammates would react no matter the situation.

The team decided as a group to go to meet up with fellow FpsCorner member Flame_hound in New Zealand, and participate in a military simulation airsoft event.

With the new year, Lockieyo decided to step away from the competitive scene, with FIX stepping in to see out the remainder of the season.

The team participated in countless practice scrims practicing most nights. The team officially participated in 62 scrims, of which they won 35.

Click here to see a full breakdown.

Team Fortress 2

Loads of Dustbowl

With FIX having a brand new NBN FTTH connection, he decided to host a 'Loads of Dustbowl' server that became extremely popular.

We utilised HLX:CE to monitor the statistics of each player. In the short but sweet 12 months the server was active, the server attracted 51,543 players for a grand total of 99,285 hours, registering 3,434,996 kills. This collectively equates to 11.33 years of playtime.


LAN Events

FIX and Tazzernator joined together to bring the Illawarra area LAN events.

FIX was responsible for the layout, location arrangements, networking, and power.

Tazzernator was responsible for the online systems, event schedule, advertising, and network servers used on the day.

Promythyus later joined the admin team and was responsible for the game servers used throughout events.

The website was drastically updated, with an entire LAN event module being programmed from the ground up. It enabled players to purchase tickets and coupons for events, and check in using a QR code system on the day.

Over the three years we did our events, 71 unique people attended. with many being a regular base.

Common games played included Team Fortress 2, Blur, Counterstrike, Battlefield, Quake III, Doom and many more.

Click here to view all the photos from the events.

Final Hour

By 2017 many of the administrators and player base had followed their careers, with some also relocating interstate or overseas. Teamspeak returned to the close friends from which it all originated.

This website remains preseved in time as a nostalgic reminder for those that once spent time here.

Thankyou to all that were involved in FpsCorner in one way or another. Wherever you may be now, I hope you're well.



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