FpsCorner Changelog

Developer: Tazzernator

25/04/2020 4.0.1

  • Moved to docker.

10/01/2019 4.0

  • Archive version of website built and deployed.
  • Steam OAuth implemented.
  • Everything but the important stuff removed.
  • DB SELECT Permissions only.

11/11/2017 -

  • FpsCorner closes down.

30/05/2017 3.5.4

  • Removed Bingo game from navigation.
  • Teamspeak AFK checker.
  • Added some teamspeak easter eggs.

14/03/2017 3.5.3

Bingo Game Creation

  • Back End Bingo Functions, Manage (Admin), Manage Players.
  • Front End Bingo List, View, Record.
  • Bingo announces to teamspeak.

05/09/2016 3.5.2

  • Fixed a few php warning errors.
  • Automated april and xmas stylesheets.
  • Teamspeak Stats Top Users sorted by count then sum.
  • Teamspeak Stats API.

22/08/2016 3.5.1

  • More mascots added.
  • Updated registration and sendpw emails.
  • About and Teamspeak Connect changes.

20/08/2016 3.5.0

  • Updated login, register, sendpw.
  • New 2D mascots.
  • Homepage removed in place for login / stats.
  • LANs stat now in board.
  • Teamspeak top list toggle all added.
  • Navbar changes.
  • Teamspeak connect made real simple.
  • Removed modules computers, and cups.
  • Removed sort from users settings.
  • Updated reCAPTCHA.

02/06/2016 3.4.8

  • Users will now become a Friend once they reach 100 hours in teamspeak.

16/12/2015 3.4.7

  • Youtube now HTML5.
  • All other video streaming websites, removed.

26/07/2015 3.4.6

  • Fixed User Teamspeak Stats error.
  • Computers Overhaul.
  • Edit Profile / Admin visible on profiles.
  • Removed xfire.
  • About Page "Manage My Devices" now shows permanently to remove confusion.
  • {lang:gal} issue fixed in abcode.

14/04/2015 3.4.5

  • Fixed User Teamspeak Stats Daylight Saving error.
  • Fixed User Teamspeak Stats Consecutive Dates error.
  • Included days connected and days since first connected to User Teamspeak Stats.
  • Roster now includes activity on teamspeak as active.
  • Teamspeak 24hrs added to the bottom of the forum homepage.
  • 3 Month / 6 Month / 12 Month / All Time Buttons added to User Teamspeak Stats.

30/10/2014 3.4.4

  • New User Bar Stats.
  • Last Unread Post can be navigated to by clicking on the thread image.
  • Teamspeak Stats.
  • User Profile Teamspeak Stats.
  • New [gal] abcode.

09/10/2014 3.4.3

  • HTTPS Support for embedded flash videos.
  • HTTPS Support for ts3 ajax.
  • HTTPS Support for imported fonts.
  • New [video] tag supports webm/ogg/mp4 videos.
  • Last 10 comments on user stats now links to actual post.
  • Board stats issue fixed.
  • User Profile Link Added.
  • User Profile cleaned.
  • Wars Icons updated.
  • User Activity icons updated.
  • Messages icons updated.
  • Fixed some issues with the embeded videos.

14/07/2014 3.4.2

  • User settings visual change.
  • Various visual modifications in various modules.
  • Fixed an admin issue for managing teamspeak connections.
  • LAN Module is now able to handle FREE events.

12/07/2014 3.4.1

  • Cache issue on user activation fixed.
  • Teamspeak notification trimmed.
  • Comments and threads created in Access level 5 boards will no longer notify teamspeak.
  • Videos now default width to 815px, approx the width of the desktop version page.
  • Updated the parser for videos, now supports a few more services.

02/07/2014 3.4.0

  • Users Login Page now redirects properly.
  • Newsletter system improved for admins.
  • Sigs now available to all user classes, clan tags prefixed to Members up.
  • New Teamspeak Module.
    • User: Manage Devices.
    • User: Remove Devices on User Deactivation.
    • Admin: Manage Devices.
    • Admin: Automatic Update on Class Change.
    • System: Automatic Update on Automatic Class Change.
  • Removed Whitelist, ICQ, and MSN from the user profile.
  • Fixed Send Password.
  • User salt now changes on every password change.
  • Various module icons changed.
  • Various theme updates in various modules.
  • Clan portal now visible in both user settings and user bar.
  • New About Page to highlight FpsCorner Pillars, Structure, and Teamspeak.
  • Register Activation link now redirects to About Page on success.
  • When a new comment or thread is created on the website, a notification will display in Teamspeak.

18/06/2014 3.3.1

  • Removed 'News' form the top navigation.
  • LAN Events now show Attending and Maybe from Facebook.
  • Made 'Spoiler' and 'hyperlink' more obvious in the abcode bar.
  • Smileys no longer break URLs or Usernames.
  • Quotes now only visibly display up to 6 deep.
  • Reports improved for administrators.
  • Usernames now cached.
  • Removed attachment images from baord list cat.

9/06/2014 3.3.0

  • @Username system drastically improved.
  • Leave a comment on various inner pages fixed.
  • Top threads now based on posts, not views.
  • Image resize abcode removed.
  • Some icons changed.
  • New Users Page.
  • Website navigation and width modifications.

19/04/2014 3.2.2

  • Rewrote the account handling.
  • Homepage See More.
  • Password handling significantly secured.

19/12/2013 3.2.1

  • Boards with no threads display properly.
  • Fixed clip dropdowns.
  • Fixed gaps every 40 characters in posts.
  • Fixed a consequence of the above where lines no longer wrapped.

8/12/2013 3.2.0

  • New Squads Administration system for Members.
  • Portal updated to show only wars for user's squads.

8/9/2013 3.1.0

  • Complete new messages theme and system.
  • Board theme updated.
  • Polls updated and fixed.
  • Boardmods module completely cleansed.
  • Some language updates.
  • Board username hover fixed.
  • Users list theme updated and search functionality added.
  • Contact form theme updated.
  • Search theme updated.
  • Board Search theme updated.
  • New User Profile Stats.
  • New Board Statistics.
  • Bringing back the ribbon.
  • Home theme updated.
  • New slider for the homepage.

5/8/2013 3.0.5

  • Donation module bugfixes.
  • Registration now limited to just Australia / NZ.
  • Greentext added to default colour list.

24/3/2013 3.0.4

  • Introduction of User Donations.

25/2/2013 3.0.3

  • Fixed automated donations in paypal callback (Administration).
  • Fixed guest poll issue.

11/2/2013 3.0.2

  • Fixed Latest Posts Anchors.
  • Fixed potential roster error.
  • Administrative Aditions:
    • Ability to generate a report for LAN Events.
    • New donations module outlining all expenses, donations, and a history breakdown.

4/2/2013 3.0.1

  • Anchors link correctly again.
  • @Username styling modified.
  • Tooltip on forum controls viewable.
  • Tooltip on portal fixed.
  • Styling of alerts slightly modified.
  • Force LAN Events to be in Sydney Time.

1/2/2013 3.0.0

  • Implementation of new theme.
  • Mobile Support.
  • New front page layout.
  • reCAPTCHA added to Registration Page.
  • SQL Fixes on various board sections.
  • Fixed coupon issue with checkout process.
  • Overhaul of User Profile and sub user related pages.
  • Automatic Promotions for User to Friend.
  • New Administrative backend for the Portal

4/12/2012 2.0.1

  • Created various elements for the christmas theme
  • Fixed a little something something that purrs.

15/7/2012 2.0.0

LAN Store Creation

  • Back End LAN Events, Coupons, and Tickets.
  • Front End LAN Events, Coupons, Checkout, User Summary, QR Checkin System.
  • Paypal Integration for automatic lan and donation payments.


  • Forum avatars are now the global pictures.
  • Massive change to how user timezones work site wide.
  • Portal Scrim link Changes.
  • Front Page Modifications.
  • Videos now embed site wide.
  • Forced newsletter subscription on registration.
  • New awesome stylish way too complicated table shitfest email template!!
  • Username groups now shows as a tooltip on hover.
  • New @Username system.
  • Fixed global comments to include controls.
  • Changed how the last_comment function works for the board frontpage - links to the last comment every time, all the time now.
  • Sessions updated due to a potential bug.
  • Purchase and migration to fpscorner.com.au with working redirects for all old .com links at nginx level.
  • Donations now automatic.

25-06-2012 1.6.1

  • Cleaned Database.
  • Fixed the pagination error.
  • Portal link in user bar now only visible to members or above.

08-06-2012 1.6.0

  • Completely re programmed the acount session and cookie section to enable the possibility for multiple saved login sessions.
  • Created a new module 'sessions' for user management of saved logins. It can be accessed from the user drop down.
  • Styled various user sections - login / register / sendpw / home / view.

08-06-2012 1.5.1

  • removed the front page slider.
  • installed and modified a ts3 web interface, and used the ajax importer for the front page.
  • changed the layout of news on the front page.
  • added community, clan, and lan buttons on the frontpage.
  • Videos now embed in preview when you're creating/editing a thread/comment.
  • New background image. Dark Mosaic repeat.
  • Added a handy debug thingy on the bottom of every page for webmaster class (me only) - it shows any php warnings and other query business.
  • Moved the create advanced reply to the left cause lol joey.
  • Added various server information to the copyright.
  • Fixed the ts3 on the front page from breaking anything jquery that wasn't itself.
  • Modified the meta layout
  • Changed the titles from '::' to '|'.
  • Modification to SQL to use LEFT JOIN as to reduce the amount of queries executed.

27-04-2012 1.5.0

  • Added Join Now buttons to the server images on the front page.
  • Created a signature generator.
  • Created a signature addon for portal that shows available sig designs. It's under Navigation Clan > Sigs.
  • Changed the header to have a smaller logo, and the ligin logged in now inline with the logo.
  • user image now in logged in section.
  • Updated the edit buttons on the profile page.

30-03-2012 1.4.1

  • New roster in mod portal. Inactive automatic.
  • Updated the news theme.
  • Thumb script included in the core for image thumbnails.

17-03-2012 1.4.0

Forum Conversion

  • Posts completely restyled.
  • Posts controls moved and now only show on hover with fade.
  • Avatars limited to 100px by 100px.
  • New comment section with all smileys being shown.
  • Pagination styled.
  • Fixed a system error where a removing a file would reset the form and the post.
  • Comment and Thread edits along with New Thread now themed.


  • New base theme.
  • New slider on the homepage.
  • Twitter Bootstrap added to the css.
  • New user bar.
  • Portal now a little flame icon in the user bar.
  • Login redirects to previous page before login.
  • New clan roster page.
  • New custom error pages

22-12-2011 1.3.0

  • Added anchor links to board comments.
  • Registration page remembers information if you mis type the captcha.
  • New Clan Portal with upcoming scrims, events, recent medals and more.
  • News pages styled.
  • Fixed the polls on the forums!
  • Profile ribbons removed.
  • Time changed to be somewhat more accurate in unix - I don't think anyone will notice this change.
  • Post and medal counts added to a user's forum post.
  • Fixed multiple english translations.

03-12-2011 1.2.3

  • Username dropdowns based on input in various sections of the website.
  • Login moved out of drop down to the top right of the site.
  • Dropdown completely removed.
  • New front page.
  • Input, Select, and Textareas restyled.

06-11-2011 1.2.2

  • Users now show as different colours based on access.
  • New priority module to create slots at random in full servers for members.

15-09-2011 1.2.1

  • Logo updated to include the Australian flag and a beta tag.
  • News bars slightly modified.
  • Major style sheet cleanout.
  • Navigation changed and updated.

21-08-2011 1.2.0

  • Second theme created - this time dark.
  • Slider removed.
  • Icons now minimal single colour design.
  • Introduction of 'xx time ago'.
  • Introduction of embedded videos.
  • Fixed the issue where it was jumping to the top of the page for some textbox interfaces.
  • Forum icons changed.
  • Implemented ts3send to the registration, so it is anounced to the serer when a new user registers.
  • Steam and xfire added to user profiles.
  • 'xx time ago' now links to last unread post in thread.

19-02-2011 1.1.2

  • Introduced new front page including a clock, sidebar, social networks, teamspeak, news and more.
  • Additions to the theme.
    • Buttons, inputs, and textbox yield color scheme.
    • News title banners.
    • Introduction of a slider on the homepage.

08-02-2011 1.1.1

  • New emoticons.
  • New board hierarchy.
  • Forum post layout radical change.

05-02-2011 1.1.0

  • Creation of the first theme for FpsCorner.

17-09-2010 1.0.0

  • Released upon the unsuspecting world.

24-12-2009 -

  • Registration of fpscorner.com.


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