FpsCorner April LAN

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We're hosting a LAN Party! Loads of fun competitions! Be sure to register on the facebook event to ensure a spot!

Quick Details:

- BYO Computer LAN Party
- Sat 28th April 10am - 10pm
- Prizes
- Competitions for various games including TF2, CS:S, Blur, Starcraft 2, Trackmania etc
- Super Meat Boy comp on the projector is a must.
- More casual games such as Minecraft will be also available with creative competitions.
- Admission is $10 per person, which covers location costs, power, equipment, and internet.
- We have limited spots (40) so be sure to mark yourself as attending on this event! The first 40 will have reserved placements.

More exact information regarding the competitions and prizes will be available in the upcoming weeks.

If you have any questions you can contact us by email: -

Link: Facebook Event

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