April LAN Writeup

Tazzernator 8 years 5 months ago Comments (0)

The LAN Party was great fun, with a reasonable turn out and great competitions.

The day started bright and early for myself playing tetris with the X5, including 6 computers, 5 monitors, and whatevertheelse was in there :s

We rocked up in Kiama, and started to setup. A great thanks to all those who helped us setup, it was much appreciated, and we wouldn't of been able to start on time without you guys. Lots of ♥♥

One people started coming in, and setting up, we decided to break for lunch, and when we all got back start the competitions.

Battlefield vietnam seemed to be an amazing filler, unfortunately i didn't get much time to play it other than when I hijacked Lockies PC to rape in the huey. Oh the nostalgia.

The first competition we played was the TF2 competition, 3v3, and congrats to Joey's team whom won not only the comp, but also against FpsC's team in the extra round.

Next was blur, and was based off a 5 round point system (10, 8, 6, 4, 2 points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, respectively) and the final 5 were placed into a no perks, no upgrades knock out finals.

The finalists were: Tazzernator, fix, Booth, AnimatedViolence, and Simon.

Simon, being the underdog here ended up winning the blur comp, all to Booth's exclamation that he would "quit racing games" etc.

Next we started to try and setup a gungame on the fly. it kindof worke- Nah that thing was a flop and a half.

Meanwhile Promythyus and Armor (Adam) are going head to head on the Super Meat Boy competition on the Projector. The comp was to see who could get through the whole first world the quickest. Both broke the 3 minute barrier pretty quickly, and in the end their times had a marginal difference of a few seconds, and placed that there could be human error, so it was a tie.

As the night started to die down, we all piled into TrackMania Nations and enjoyed some of the Blue and Red tracks, which brought some amounts of Rage and the like from various individuals as they fought to beat my times (hehehe)

Overall it was a great day, and a great event, and I'd like to thank everyone whom was able to come and participate and making an event like this possible.

I'd also like to personally thank FIX for his time spent in organising and drafting the network infrastructure of the LAN, it's much appreciated.

Also, quick photo of FpsCorner members. Who's who?


PS: Photos have been uploaded to facebook.

Link: April LAN Photos

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