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Thankyou to all who joined us for our first LAN of 2014!

Special thanks goes to Select Start Media for the Prizes for the day, their kind donation made the competitions ever so more awesome!

The day opened with Battlefield 1942 which was an awesome introductory to an old classic, lots of fun was had.

Next was a new game for everyone: Running with Rifles, which was welcomed as a great load of fun with a learning curve that was steep and yet easy enough to fit a LAN environment.

Unreal tournament was admittedly not quite as epic as last time due to I think our choice of game mode and maps, things to be considered next time!

Finally our blur competition was great fun ending with myself winning! Hazah! However I'm an admin, so I didn't get any prizes... So the prize went to Tozz who was runnerup!

The lucky door prize went to Honjura, congrats!

lol LukeMate

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