Teamspeak Upgrades!

Tazzernator 6 years 3 months ago Comments (0)


The FpsCorner website has been heavily updated overnight, most notably is that Teamspeak permissions have been reset and is now completely controlled through the website.

Any user can personally grant themselves their level of access on teamspeak through the website by navigating their browser to FpsCorner Teamspeak ... additionally, if their user group is ever to change, ie: to friend / member etc. All of their devices will be automatically upgraded.

When someone posts to the board, the global Teamspeak chat will display that a post or thread has just been made with a direct link to read it. Neet!

Finally we have a new about page that highlights "The Three Pillars" of our little organisation, and the involved structure. You can read this page here: About FpsCorner.

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