TF2 Ping Pong

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Tonight was the grand appearance and testing stages of our wonderful TF2 server, and what better way than to hit off some epic TF2 Ping Pong ladder

Hit read more to read the full story, and who the grand winner!

Round 1!

FIX and Promythyus were randomly assigned a bye this round (ass holes) so they were auto onto the second round scot-free. Morgan and Myself (Tazz) found victory this round, and Pinstripe and Booth unfortunately had to depart the ladder.

Round 2!

It was FIX vs Promythyus. This was an epic match, with it coming down to the final, 2:2 ~ and FIX happily taking away a close win.

Next up was Morgan and Myself (Tazz), and again, another close match! Myself walking away with the win 3:2.

Round 3!

Finally it was time to find the most respectable position that was on for offer; the wooden spoon. Booth vs Pinstripe. The one battle that would determined life or de- well not so much, but there were HEAPS of crit rockets in this match!

Unfortunately, on the final ping to the pong on 2:2, booth took a rocket to the face and attained the new title.

And at LAST, the FINAL was upon us. FIX vs. Tazzernator. The first rocket goes off without a delay, bouncing, back, and forth, back and forth, sweat dripping in all kinds of agony and despair. and BOOM. I (Tazzernator) get the first point! .... and then FIX won the next 3.

It was great fun and we look forward to some more events in the future

Link: Ladder

I enjoy a good spooning every now and again. Bring it on!
Posted 9 years 2 months ago

Nice trophy but.
Posted 9 years 2 months ago

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