March to Victory!

To welcome us to the new year, FpsCorner is hosting a LAN Event in the all new location: Steelers Club Wollongong!

Great People, Fun Competitions, Awesome Prizes.

Pricing is $20 Online or $30 at the Door.


Games with Prizes:

  • TeamFortress 2: Dodgeball
  • Blur

(more to come)

Casual Games (Games with no prizes, but are actively played):
  • Dota 2
  • Trackmania
  • StarCraft 2
  • Battlefield Vietnam
  • Call of Duty 4
  • CounterStrike: Source


On the day, you will require:

  • Your epic and high tech Personal Computer.
  • Your computer's monitor(s).
  • Your cables and peripherals including a headset/earphones.
  • Certified powerboard if you require more than the provided two power ports.

What WE provide for YOU!
  • Gigabit tested and fully functional CAT6 network cable. Crimped and all by us.
  • Two power ports for all that electricity goodness.
  • One half of a two person desk. Equipped with snuggling benefits.
  • A comfy chair that was built in a reputable sweat shop.

What you DO NOT need:
  • Annoyingly loud and obnoxious speakers.
  • Dodgy network cables from your man cave.
  • Alcoholic beverages. There is a bar though!


To be decided / purchased! Stay tuned on our facebook or here for updates!


March to Victory

Start 11:00am - 2nd Mar 2013
End 11:00pm - 2nd Mar 2013
Cost $20.00
Seats 60
Players 24 ( Player List )
Servers Allowed
Venue Steelers Club, Wollongong


Many players share game updates and data through the dcplusplus client. Be sure to download and install it before you come to the LAN. Once you arrive at the LAN, connect to the hostname 'DCHUB' within the application.


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